Chelsea Fans Argue Over N'Golo Kante's Quality After Supporter's Savage Tweet Inspires Debate

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N'Golo Kante hasn't been short of admirers ever since he moved to the Premier League with former club Leicester City two seasons ago.

The tireless Chelsea midfielder has been praised to the hilt by all and sundry for his dynamic displays that have helped the Foxes and the Blues secure England's top flight title in 2015/16 and 2016/17 respectively - trophy triumphs that lend credence to his indispensable nature in centre midfield.

Just like any footballer, the France international is also likely to suffer the odd terrible performance from time to time and, after doing so in Chelsea's 3-2 pre-season friendly defeat to Bayern Munich on Tuesday, one fan on Twitter decided enough was enough and that Kante's praise was way over the top:

Ouch. Talk about not rating the guy eh? As ever, opinions on social media quickly saw football fans divided into two camps. There were those who agreed that the 25-year-old was overrated:

And there were those who insisted how instrumental Kante was to Chelsea's cause:

Our view? It's no coincidence that the Premier League's last two champions have contained Kante in their side so he clearly has some world-class ability about him, doesn't he!

Of course there's truth in him having a greater workload this season with Chelsea's extra games in the Champions League but, hey, that's what a first-team squad is for: rest and rotation. We're sure he'll be fine.