Fans Come Up With Brilliant Explanation for Alexis Sanchez's Sudden Mystery 'Illness'

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The news of Alexis Sanchez supposedly being ill ahead of his first day back at training with Arsenal has circulated around Twitter, with fans speculating about what has struck down the wantaway Chilean.

The 28-year-old posted on Instagram on Thursday evening, showing how under the weather he is with a photo of one of his dogs, wrapped up on the sofa wearing a scarf.

Regardless of whether Alexis is genuinely ill or not, the attacker has still been ridiculed on Twitter for his post; one of the best jokes coming from Spurs fan @Tweetgood_Mac - who theorised that Gunners legend Ray Parlour may have...broken him.

Everyone has pretended to be ill at some stage in their life to avoid doing something they don't fancy. While Sanchez might be pulling a sickie to avoid going back to training, Mac has pointed out that it could well be something to do with a night out proposed by Ray Parlour.

Imagine a night out with Ray Parlour.

Seriously. Imagine it. 

While the Chilean seems to be trying to force through a move to Manchester City, Arsene Wenger remains adamant that he will not be sold - despite Alexis' contract expiring next summer.

One thing is for sure though, you can't pretend to be ill for an entire season. Eventually Sanchez will have to go back to training - but he can always tell Ray that he doesn't fancy a drink with him.