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July 28, 2017

Premier League clubs shelled out almost £180m on their injured stars during the 2016/17 campaign, with Manchester City coming out on top in a study conducted by insurance brokers JLT.

Pep Guardiola's side only suffered 30 injuries to their first-team squad last term, but still had to fork out £18.3m across the board to those affected by various knocks, strains, tears and other ailments.

West Bromwich Albion, meanwhile, paid up a paltry £1.8m in comparison for the 15 injuries their first-team stars sustained  - a total that works out at £120,000 per injury.

Bottom of the pile Sunderland, who suffered 58 injuries - the most of any top flight side - paid out £11.7m in total, while four of the top six clubs were ranked in the top five in terms of expenditure. Champions Chelsea, meanwhile, suffered just 21 issues on their way to the title.

The overall total bill paid out by the 20 top flight clubs was £20m higher than 2015/16 - a 12% rise in expenditure - with the increases in player salaries likely to be the major factor behind the increase in the monetary values.

Duncan Fraser, Head of Sport at JLT speciality, stated his belief that the increase in injuries sustained was down to a combination of the increasing competitiveness of the Premier League and rising wages.

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He said: "We seem to be seeing a case of injury-flation this year. Over the last six seasons there has been a steady increase in the cost of injuries as players become more and more expensive and the Premier League becomes more and more competitive. 

"While the medical treatment of every twist, torn ligament, cartilage, and broken bone has advanced greatly, there is still no magic remedy to summon players back to match fitness within a week. Injuries don`t just make it harder to manage a team, there is also a direct cost associated with it, in the form of salaries paid to players who can`t take part in matches. 

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"As a result of this, clubs are increasingly looking to insure their players with the use of a Wageroll Protection policy to avoid a scenario where teams have at time hundreds of thousands of pounds sat on the bench. 

"That way, if a player gets injured for an extended period of time, they can claim a certain percentage of their salary back."

Of all the injuries picked up, hamstring (131) and knee (108) were the most common strains and tears sustained, with £659,000 being spent on average between the two problems.

In contrast, back (25) and thigh/hip (36) were the least common picked up, although the latter saw an average of £358,000 coughed up o those who suffered these type of knocks.

Ranking Club Number of Injuries Cost Associated
1 Manchester City 30 £18.3m
2 Manchester United 51 £17.8m
3 Arsenal 51 £16.2m
4 West Ham United 50 £13.7m
5 Liverpool 47 £13.7m
6 Crystal Palace 46 £12.1m
7 Sunderland 58 £11.7m
8 Everton 29 £9m
9 Southampton 34 £8.9m
10 Tottenham Hotspur 32 £8.5m
11 Hull City 35 £7.8m
12 Watford 39 £7m
13 Chelsea 21 £6.6m
14 Leicester City 31 £5.4m
15 Stoke City 26 £4.7m
16 Swansea City 31 £4.6m
17 Bournemouth 37 £3.4m
18 Middlesbrough 31 £3.2m
19 Burnley 19 £2m
20 West Bromwich Albion 15 £1.8m

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