Hamsik Claims Napoli Fans 'Would Never Forgive Me' if He Ever Left the Club

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Marek Hamsik has revealed that Napoli have a whole lot of unforgiving fans.

The 30-year-old Slovakia midfielder has been a part of the Naples side since 2007, and during those 10 years, he's had plenty of offers from big-name clubs. However, the player has shown his loyalty to the Partenopei, rejecting all suitors who have come his was so far.


A few years ago, Hamsik was a target for Chelsea. Most recently, it's been AC Milan and Juventus, two of Italy's most prestigious outfits. Yet the player - who has been captain since 2014 - feels at home at Napoli.

He also doesn't want to risk the wrath of the fans, who are still bitter towards Gonzalo Higuain due to the striker joining Juve last year.


Asked why he chose to remain this long, despite the many offers, Hamsik told Corriere Della Sera: "In Naples I've always been good, why go away?

"I've always felt important to this team and I chose to continue to be. In the end, the ones who went away have always regretted. 

"I had some indecision about joining Milan, but I was younger. I never really thought of Juve. Did you see what happened to Higuain? 

"Football is so, no one forgives if you join your historic rival. Some choices should be respected, but I understand the love of the fans and I wouldn't have done this to them."