By 90Min
August 05, 2017

Earlier this week Ligue 1 club PSG smashed the world transfer fee record when they purchased Brazil winger Neymar from Barcelona for a staggering €222m. However, it wasn't just the price of Neymar that surprised fans around the world, it was a video released by AS Roma in an unveiling of the player - a player they hadn't even signed.

The Italian side released the video on Twitter unveiling Neymar as a new signing for PSG but nobody really knows their reasons behind it. It could possibly be the free media attention they will have received with the tens of thousands of hashtags surrounding Neymar after the transfer.

So the plan that Roma had for Neymar's unveiling was more than a little out there. They had plans to have him kidnapped in a hotel by two people, one being a woman and the other dressed as a clown. It seemed A LOT like a video they'd posted earlier this summer while signing a player of their own...

As seen in the previous video, the two kidnappers would then attempt to take Neymar into an elevator, where they would be confronted by Edinson Cavani playing with a fidget spinner.

Cavani realising the danger Neymar is in, throws the fidget spinner like a ninja star, killing one of the kidnappers. Then the second kidnapper pulls out an AK47 and shoots Cavani in the elevator.


Neymar is then dragged into an invisible getaway car which then brings about a police chase through the streets of Paris - police cars and helicopters. Neymar is then rescued by a police helicopter. However, in a shocking plot twist the pilot of the helicopter removes a mask, like in Scooby Doo, and it turns out to be the first kidnapper that was presumed dead after Cavani threw the fidget spinner.

Neymar somehow manages to kill the kidnapper and steal his parachute, which he uses to escape from the helicopter. Then, in a crazy turn of events, a freak tornado throws Neymar over to Morocco where he lands in a tree - a tree filled with goats.

The idea or the reasoning behind this is anybody's guess but if there was an award for the announcement of a player you haven't even signed, it would certainly go to Roma.

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