By 90Min
August 06, 2017

Jurgen Klopp is a very hard man to please.

The Liverpool boss, going into his second full season with the Anfield side, has led his team through a perfect pre-season, picking up a bunch of wins ahead of the new Premier League campaign. 

Klopp must be immensely pleased with the team's form at the moment, but he wasn't very happy at a certain point during the Reds 3-1 win over Athletico Bilbao on Saturday.

After the match, he told reporters: “For half an hour today I'd say we played brilliant football. Then we lost organisation and gave them a few opportunities which changed the game a little bit."

During the game, though, unaware of a pitchside mic snooping quite close, the German was heard tearing into his players:

"August is too late to play like this!" he screamed (H/T the Mirror). "Play f***ing football!"

In the end, the Reds came away with another win, but Klopp's against the idea of his players slacking off so close to the start of the season.

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