By 90Min
August 06, 2017

Neymar and Dani Alves are not the most popular figures in Barcelona following the events of this summer.

The duo have moved to PSG, the former of which for a world record €222m fee, and some supporters have not accepted their decisions graciously. One fan opted to make public his distaste for the Brazilians, posting a video to Twitter in which he throws what appear to be drink coasters depicting the two players into a bin.

"They taught me how to throw litter in the trash since I was little, so I put it into practice with these two," SNM wrote alongside the video.

Alves even saw fit to respond, writing “También te quiero nanuuu!”, which translates to "I love you too".

The reason for resentment towards Neymar needs no explanation, although Alves' situation is slightly less clear.


It was assumed that the former Barcelona full-back had persuaded Neymar to join PSG after signing for the club from Juventus, but he has now claimed that the opposite is true.

"In contrast to what people think, I am the grateful one because Neymar was the one who convinced me [to join PSG]," he said, quoted by Marca.

"I didn't have anything to do with [his transfer]. I only told him to be happy.

"[My arrival] wasn't planned, but if he was able to convince me then it was because he was thinking about coming, I would say."

Unfortunately, that might not entirely soften the blow for the Blaugrana faithful.

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