By 90Min
August 06, 2017

Everyone who watched the Confederations Cup and other more minor tournaments will know that a new Video Assistant Review system is being rolled out across the game in order to try and make everything fairer.

Whilst this notion is admirable, it is plainly obvious from its performances so far that it is disruptive to the flow of a match and, actually, not always 100% guaranteed to yield the correct decision.

OLAF KRAAK/GettyImages

The VAR recently hit headlines for all the wrong reasons for making a right hash of things in the Dutch Super Cup match between Feyenoord and SBV Vitesse.

In the clip, a Vitesse striker can be seen bearing down on goal before he is dispossessed at the last second by a Feyenoord player - on first glance, it looks like a penalty.

Play continues though, and Feyenoord manage to go up the other and score what seems like a perfectly legitimate goal through Nicolai Jorgensen.

It then transpires that the VAR system goes back to re-visit the original penalty claim Vitesse had moments prior to the goal and inexplicably, Feyenoord's goal is chalked off and Vitesse are awarded their penalty. Awkward.

Replays confirmed it was a stonewall penalty, so in that sense it was justice for Vitesse, but the referee only administered a yellow card when the offending player was clearly the last man, so really the 100% correct decision still wasn't actually reached.

The general consensus from those online was that the time it took to reach the correct decision was far too long - for Feyenoord to have been allowed to actually score a goal at the other end is truly comical.

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