By 90Min
August 07, 2017

Two-time World Cup winner Cafu says he would have done the same as Neymar in joining PSG and believes the French side are now in a strong position to challenge for the Champions League. 

Talking to Goal, the Brazilian legend said: "The best player in the world, one of the biggest stars in world football, he deserves all that is happening in his life right now. In his place I would have gone too, because it is a chance to be number one and he will have a real chance to be the best player in the world."


Neymar was finally presented as a PSG player to the fans on Friday after his lucrative £197m transfer from Barcelona was complete. The Brazilian international was heavily criticised as the thought was he joined the French side for the money. 

But Cafu defended Neymar: "I can't see why there is such a fuss over Neymar's transfer. A lot of people are saying he is a mercenary and doing it for the money. Put yourself in his position, would you not go? No, of course you wouldn't." 

Cafu's illustrious career has seen him play for Sao Paulo, Real Zaragoza, Palmerias, Roma and Milan, where he won the Champions League. 

He believes that now PSG has acquired the services of Neymar, they can finally push for their goal to win the Champions League: "PSG need an idol star and Neymar right now is that idol star. They have never won the Champions League and with Neymar they have a real chance. He will be the man." 

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