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August 07, 2017

Newcastle manager Rafa Benitez has admitted that he is disappointed with the club's lack of transfer activity so far this summer.

The Magpies have spent around £30m on new arrivals ahead of their return to the Premier League, after winning the Championship last season.

But Benitez, who chose to remain at the club on the condition that he was given funds to build a competitive squad, has admitted that he expected more investment.

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"When I decided to stay, I was expecting another thing," the Spanish coach said, quoted by the Chronicle. "Now we are where we are.

"I decided to stay because of a lot of positive things I could see starting with the fans. Now I will try my best to ensure the team can compete and stay as high as we can in the Premier League.

“We know what we need and will try to do this until the end of the transfer window. We are trying to go in different directions at the same time.

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“We are trying to move players out to bring players in. We know where we are and what we need.

“We have to sell - that’s obviously necessary. But we can buy [before we sell players]. It depends on the conditions."

Benitez confirmed that Newcastle are interested in signing Arsenal striker Lucas Perez, with forward Dwight Gayle currently out with a hamstring injury.

"I like the player because I have good friends in La Coruna," Benitez said. "I know he did really well. He's come here and not played in many games, but I like the player."

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