What. A. Hit. 

By Daniel Rapaport
August 08, 2017

Celtic rocked Kilmarnock 5-0 in the second round of the Scottish League Cup on Tuesday, but that's not the news here. The news here is that absolute menace of a goal scored by Celtic's captain, Kieran Tierney. 

(Warning: Don't have your headphones turned up too loud, the announcer's scream is aggressive.)

That's about 40 yards and it's on a rope—there is no arc on that ball, it cuts the air like a missile en route to the top corner. It's right up there with this Cristiano Ronaldo goal, one of my personal favorites. 

Stand up and take a bow, Lord Tierney. It's early, but it's hard to believe you'll see a much better goal in Scotland this season.



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