By 90Min
August 12, 2017

Former Arsenal star Paul Merson has spoken about the title chances of Tottenham, claiming that it will be "game over" if star striker Harry Kane gets an injury.

Although the Gunners legend isn't confident about Arsenal's chances at Premier League success this season, he hasn't been impressed with Tottenham's transfer dealings this summer, according to his column in the Daily Star.

"Arsenal are Arsenal, they won’t win it," Merson said. "And then you look at Tottenham and what have they done? Who had the best window? Oh definitely Tottenham…

"Their away record wasn’t great last season and now they’re playing 38 away games because of Wembley. If Harry Kane gets injured it’s game over.

"You can’t win the league with 13 players. Impossible."

RINGO CHIU/GettyImages

Merson then went on to say that he is predicting the Premier League title to be back in Manchester by the end of the season, with City favourites to be crowned champions in May.

"So it’s all set up for City for me. I think they will score a ton of goals and if Guardiola gets it right I don’t see who can stop them."

Merson graduated from the Arsenal U18 squad in 1985, going on to feature for the Gunners senior team for 11 years. With spells at Middlesborough, Aston Villa, Portsmouth and Walsall for the last 10 years of his career, Merson now works as a comical pundit on Sky Sports.

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