By 90Min
August 15, 2017

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has developed quite a few theories over his 21-year span with the London club.

But players being negatively affected when they're in the last year of their contract isn't one of them, or at least not in all cases.

Shaun Botterill/GettyImages

“I personally think the real question we have to answer is does the hunger index increase or decrease when you have a short contract or a long contract?” Wenger said via the club's official website.

“I would on that front be on the opposite side. That means the hunger index is higher when the contracts are shorter and it decreases naturally when the guys have long contracts.”


The Frenchman is facing a ticklish situation with Chilean star Alexis Sanchez, who has gone into the last year of his contract at the Emirates. The attacker has refused to sign a new deal with the club, and could leave as a free agent next year.

Wenger, though, believes that the player will still play his heart out for the club this season.

“Of course [he will]. Why not?” he said earlier this month. “If you look at it, it's always in your interest, even if you have a short contract, to do well.

“And the kind of character he is [also convinces me]. He is a winner. When he goes on the football pitch, he wants to win.

“He is a guy who loves football. He has advantages and disadvantages on both sides going into a situation like that.”

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