By 90Min
August 22, 2017

Computer game enthusiasts, rejoice! The latest edition of the popular FIFA football series could well feature the much-loved, street-based element of the game. Originally a stand-alone game, FIFA Street captured the hearts of a generation of fans growing up in the 00s, allowing gamers to reproduce the silky skills from the likes of Ronaldinho on an edgy-looking street environment. 

A video has now emerged on Twitter, appearing to contain footage from the highly popular Gamescom 2017 convention - where computer game fans can get sneak previews of the latest releases for the upcoming year. Of course, in 2017, northing stays secret for long, and the leaked video footage from the event has got fans of the format very excited indeed.

If the video is genuine, it suggests that rather than being a stand-alone title, a form of FIFA Street could be a playable mode in the highly anticipated FIFA 18. This is likely to prove a popular move with fans of the game, who will either get to indulge in some real moments of  nostalgia, or experience a new format to the attempts at realism offered by the games series.

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