By 90Min
August 22, 2017

Manchester City fans have taken to Twitter to tear into their home ground's controversial new feature - the 'Tunnel Club'. The new state of the art design was unveiled on Sky Sports before the side's 1-1 home draw with Everton on Monday evening, and consists of an area in which fans can see the players at close quarters, via large glass windows facing the tunnel.

With prices for a spot in the new area starting at £249, and a season ticket in the area costing a staggering £15k, it's not been a popular move with many of the Sky Blues faithful. The elitist nature of the club is clear to see, given that a strict dress code banning sportswear and trainers is enforced for anyone wishing to be a member.

As you can imagine, this exclusive new club has not been too well received by a large portion of City fans, and Twitter has proven the perfect outlet to vent some of this rage.

The 'Tunnel Club' has been viewed by many as just another step in the gradual climb to elitism the game is taken. 

Once considered the game of the working class, it is becoming increasingly harder for loyal fans to keep attending matches due to the rising cost of ticket prices. 

Spurs are also rumoured to be considering installing a similar viewing system in their new stadium.

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