By 90Min
September 03, 2017

England beat Malta 0-4 on Friday and Marcus Rashford got an assist when he swung in a dangerous cross in the second minute of stoppage time for Kane to make it four. However it was what he did moments before, that caught fans' attention on Twitter.

As reported by , Kyle Walker went to kick the ball out of play for a Malta injury but Rashford decided to stop it and crossed for Kane to score. It was perhaps a bit unsporting, but there wasn't a head injury so technically he had every right to keep playing.

It certainly was a brave move from the 19-year-old and it proved effective. Also the game at that point was effectively over with England 3-0 up and only minutes remaining so Malta fans won't be too up in arms about the incident. 

Fans watching the game took to twitter to applaud the actions of the Manchester United star, as It is a bugbear of many football fans when players don't play to the whistle.

Lets now hope Rashford and other England players can show the same win at all costs mentality in slightly more important games from now on.

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