By 90Min
September 04, 2017

Chelsea's Belgian winger Eden Hazard has praised manager Antonio Conte and has insisted that the Chelsea squad is happy working under this Italian - however, Conte isn't seen as a friend by Hazard.

The 26-year-old loves Conte's enthusiasm on the touchline but wants to keep his relationship with the Italian professional, according to the Daily Mail.

"You know on the bench, he has got a lot of energy moving along the sidelines and shouting instructions, but I think we need this personality in the squad to win football games," Hazard said. "I think we have got one of the best managers in the world. So we are really happy with him.

"I have a good relationship with all my managers," he continued. "You know we train every day together and we can talk together and laugh together. So yes absolutely we have a good relationship, I wouldn’t say "friends" because it is difficult to be friends with your manager so I wouldn't say that but we have a good relationship."

Michael Regan/GettyImages

Hazard also appeared to have a subtle dig a Tottenham when talking about who Chelsea's title challengers would be, failing to mention the Lillywhites in a list of teams in contention for Premier League glory this season.

"It's not just one team, I think all of the teams have got really good players: Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool, Man City and good managers as well. So we will see..."

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