By 90Min
September 11, 2017

Mondays are usually pretty awful, but Frank de Boer's may have just topped the lot. After only four matches in charge of Crystal Palace, the Dutchman, who was brought into the club as a 'statement of intent' from the board has been shown the exit door - and what's worse is that he's expected to be replaced by Roy Hodgson.

That statement now reads along the lines of 'this club is happy to remain as a bottom half Premier League side that consistently flirts with the idea of relegation and doesn't want to do anything about it'.

Like attempting to pull off a top-knot, only to be ripped apart by your mates and resort back to the safety of the short back and sides. Nothing screams short back and sides more than Roy Hodgson.

Anyway, here's how Twitter reacted to de Boer's sacking:

Oh, and just to finish on a truly awful note; here are the two worst puns to ever be created - from 90min's very own, Chris Deeley and Scott Saunders:

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