By 90Min
September 12, 2017

Is there nothing Lionel Messi can't do?

After having wowed the world for well over a decade now with his exemplary skills on a football pitch, the Argentine legend has revealed yet another trick from beneath his ever-expanding sleeve:

Messi: the musician...who knew?!

Image by Sal Sayles

Okay spoiler alert: he's not actually playing the piano in the magical clip above, but the fact we all believed he COULD is testament to the man.    

Returning to his day job, Messi and his Barcelona teammates face Juventus at the Nou Camp on Tuesday night in what is sure to be a hotly-contested Champions League opener; of course, it was the Juve who eliminated Barca in the quarter-finals last season, before going on to lose the final to Real Madrid.


Both sides will be looking to make a positive start to their European campaigns, after having started so brightly in their respective domestic leagues. 

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