By 90Min
September 16, 2017

Things haven't been going too well for Pro Evolution Soccer in recent weeks. The game was released earlier this week, however it has already received widespread criticism regarding the new features in the game.

The game face of West Ham striker Chicharito Hernandez became a big talking point on Twitter, and unfortunately for Konami, it looks as if another player is now being scrutinised by the fans.

Steven Gerrard, one of the most recognisable faces in football, has been added to the game this year, however as recognisable as he is, many Twitter users have found his face on the game rather amusing, and in typical Twitter fashion have expressed their amusement at the matter.

The Reds' fans couldn't hide their humour. Despite the fact Gerrard has played more than 500 games for the Reds and won 104 England caps, not even he could escape the dire graphics.

Let's hope they can make some adjustments to the game and fix what clearly looks to be a big issue with the fans.

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