By 90Min
September 20, 2017

FIFA 18's imminent release has got football fan video gamers whipped into a frenzy as they prepare to do battle with their mates in online multiplayer once again.

No doubt there will be numerous players - both mates and strangers - who will flip out when they get absolutely smashed online and - inevitably - rage quit games in a fit of fury.

So, fellow FIFA enthusiasts, be prepared to see plenty of opponents leave matches early if you score a last-minute winner and pull off one of these new goading goal celebrations:

Not only will your last-gasp match-winning strike plunge a dagger into any opponent's heart, you'll certainly rile them even further by holding down L2 on your Playstation 4 controller, or the left trigger on your Xbox One controller, to bring up a whole myriad of crowd celebrations.

Such new animations include high-fiving supporters in the crowd, jumping into the crowd a la Raheem Sterling and sitting on the advertising hoardings in an egotistical manner.

We genuinely can't wait to try some of these out, and bet that there will be a few of our own mates in our office who will be less than impressed when we whip them out!

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