By 90Min
September 23, 2017

Borussia Dortmund CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke has called upon UEFA to impose a points penalty upon Ligue 1 mega-spenders Paris Saint-Germain, claiming the club merely "laugh" at the idea of being issued with Financial Fair Play fines. The club's €222m purchase of Neymar raised eyebrows across world of football in the summer, and it could land the club in hot water.

Speaking with German sports outlet T-online, via ESPN, Watzke discussed the idea of PSG being given fines for their controversial funding on signing the Brazilian superstar, arguing that any financial sanctions imposed upon the club would be met with mirth by the mega-rich Qatari ownership:

"But what you should not do: Fine them. It's the biggest nonsense ever to impose a fine on Paris. They laugh at it in Qatar. Deduct points. The world would look different then. But that's UEFA's business."

David Ramos/GettyImages

Watzke also moved to criticise the seemingly endless funds being pumped into PSG, contending that provisions should be put in place to ease the polarising effect of such large-scale investment:

"You could tell clubs they can only get so and so much money from their main sponsor or owner. But look at Qatar for instance. They can activate one of their many industry shares they hold. And in case of doubt all of them become sponsors at Paris. They'd still collect over €100m.


"That's why I don't think a political regulation is feasible. But in spite of that it's important that UEFA tries to create regulations which are so tight that it's at least no longer that easy to bypass them."

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