Klopp Insists He Could 'Write a Book in 2 Hours' on Defending as Coaching Skills Come Into Question

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Jurgen Klopp has delivered a stubborn rebuttal of his ability as a defensive coach, with his Liverpool side once again looking shaky at the back against Leicester on the weekend. 

No team outside of the Premier League's bottom four have conceded more goals than the Reds' 11 in six games this season, but Klopp told reporters after Saturday evening's game that he is a 'really good' defensive coach despite recent evidence to the contrary. 

He admitted: "It's obvious we concede too much - there's no doubt. That's really hard for me. Usually, I'm a really good defensive coach but obviously that works not too good so far, but we will be fine."

He went on to insist that he could 'write a book in two hours' about coaching a defence, saying: "The main thing for defending is tactical discipline. I don't know everything about football but I could write a book in the next two hours about which space we have to defend, why, when and where you have to be. When you have to step up, push up...all that stuff.

"I can't take a car and drive them out of the box. That's how it is. As long as not every player is doing it we'll work on it. When everyone is doing it, I will make sure we're doing it for the rest of our lives.

"I have faith, not only [in our] offensive [players] but in our squad. I know we need results. I like this team. Maybe nobody else likes it, I really like it and I want to improve it together."