Arsene Wenger Insists New Deadline Day Dates Will Prevent 'Rushed' & 'Hectic' Decisions

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Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger claims that the changes coming for the Premier League's deadline day will stop clubs making rushed decisions in the final week.

Wenger had a difficult time during the final hours of the summer transfer window after eventually agreeing to sell Alexis Sanchez to Manchester City but having to drop the deal because they were unable to agree personal terms with Monaco's Thomas Lemar - Sanchez's replacement.


The Gunners were one of 14 clubs to vote for the change and now the FA have agreed to adjust the dates for the deadline day to be on the Thursday before the start of the new season. 

Arsene Wenger, according to the Evening Standard, believes it will encourage teams to get their signings early and not have it disrupt the opening weeks of the season.


Wenger said: "I believe people will adapt by making their decisions early."

He added: "What happens now is that you’re contacted 48 hours before the end of the transfer window and someone say, ‘Are you still interested in this player?"

Wenger finds it particularly frustrating because he believes you could interested in a player for months but the club will refuse any contact, and then towards the final few hours of the window, they are happy to discuss a deal because nothing else has materialised with other clubs.


He said: "You worked on that deal for three months, they closed the door and then suddenly they open it up again with two days to go. It’s all rushed decisions and very hectic in the last week."

He added: "Once you go into the games as well, you don’t know if the players are speaking to their agents on the afternoon of the game or to other clubs, so they don’t focus on the game. It’s not right how it was."