By 90Min
September 28, 2017

Arsenal have apparently made a profit of £44.8m, according to a leaked document which expects the club to publish their figures officially in due course.

The Gunners are said to have recorded turnover of almost £423m - which would be the first time the club have ever broken through the £400m barrier.

The claim comes from Twitter user JDL, who said that he has a synopsis of Arsenal's accounts for the full year.

Via The Sun, the leaked report says: "No short-term debt and the club's cash balance stands at £144.3m, compared with £191.1m in 2016.

"The reduction is thought to 'follow a club record cash outflow on player transfers of £102.5 as against £54.2m in the previous 12 months. Transferwise, the outstanding figure owed to selling clubs stands at £42.7m.

"Elsewhere, a wage bill of £199m was seemingly offset by an extra £58m received from increased broadcasting rights."

That, apparently, was 47.2%, down 8.5% from last year, which is perhaps due to the fact that player bonuses were not achieved after the club failed to secure Champions League qualification for the 2017/18 season.

The Gunners' seemingly strong finances are not likely to go down all too well with the fans, who feel the club sit on the cash in terms of investing in new players, and exploit supporters with sky-high ticket prices with little to show for it all trophy-wise.

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