Sergio Aguero Brilliantly Trolls Benjamin Mendy as Manchester City Players React to FIFA Ratings

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It speaks volumes about FIFA's domination of the British sporting video game landscape that its yearly player stats have become the subject of such debate and banter amongst the players themselves, let alone the fans.

Manchester City players have been taking a look at the new ratings for FIFA 18, although some wanted to laugh at their team-mates' stats rather than their own. Kyle Walker bursts on the scene in this video, wondering why Leroy Sane and Raheem Sterling are quicker on the game.

Sane bites back by wondering how long Walker would need to be running for to catch him up, setting a year as the likely required timescale, but Sergio Aguero takes the cake with his outright, in-your-face derision about injured full-back Benjamin Mendy's overall rating.

There's no witty quip or even an attempt to conceal his amusement - he just laughs, points at the board and says '78?' Mendy's excuses about being on crutches fall on deaf ears.

To be fair, Aguero does then opine that Mendy should be on a score of 84 instead. As for Aguero himself? Only the best-rated striker in the game at 89 overall, yet again.