Joe 'No Poetry' Allen Reveals How He Takes the Pressure Off Ahead of Big Games

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Stoke City players have plenty of reason to feel stressed right now after a tough start to the season, which included three consecutive defeats going into the clash with Southampton.

However, midfielder Joe Allen revealed to the Stoke Sentinel just how he and the squad keep their balance ahead of big games, admitting he is something of a film buff and book worm.

“Everyone is different,” the Welshman said. “Some people are dedicated 24/7 and that works for them, but for me it’s knowing when to switch off because it can drive you crazy and affect your form. You can get burnt out over a long season.


“Spending time with family and friends is the obvious one. Also for me it’s watching movies and reading books."

The former Liverpool and Swansea star revealed a taste for action, while naming a couple of his favourite movies. He is however, not much of a fan of poetry when it comes to literature.

“I watch all sorts. I like Inception, Shutter Island and some of the old ones. More action and a bit more dark than the average rom-com," he noted.

“As for reading, no poetry, that’s not my thing. Any sort of crime fiction, nothing too extreme.”

When asked about the 0-4 defeat against Chelsea on September 23, Allen insists that the Potters haven't been negative about the loss.

“You try to move on. It’s something you learn with experience. It’s important to try and rectify any problems, but at the same time you’ve got to make sure it doesn’t affect your confidence.


“Sometimes, if you try and change too much, you can open up more problems. So it’s been back to work and understanding it was Chelsea.

“We’ve got to bounce back now and the good thing is it’s a home game and hopefully that’s good news for us.”