By 90Min
October 01, 2017

Thousands of Catalan separatists have turned out to vote on Sunday morning on whether the semi-autonomous region of Catalonia will become a separate, independent state from the rest of Spain. 

With the Spanish Government deeming the referendum 'illegal', tensions have risen over the past month, with Catalonian officials being arrested and protesters clashing with police.


Sunday morning's events have seen extra police drafted in from around the country after rubber bullets were fired at protesters in Barcelona to prevent them from voting. 

With 37 injured, scenes in the Catalan capital have become violent and tensions are as high as ever as the Catalan people come out in their thousands, determined to see the vote go through.

As reported by Spanish outlet Marca, Barca have asked the Spanish Football Federation to suspend their match with Las Palmas, which is due to take place on Sunday afternoon. 

However, with voters turning out in their thousands and tensions continuously rising, the club want to reschedule the game for a more suitable occasion.

The club have already publicly condemned the national obstruction of the referendum. The full statement can be read below:

The final decision of the suspension of the match belongs to the Federation and not to La Liga, so only time will tell whether the game will eventually go ahead. 

Should Barca end up playing, they will be looking to continue their impeccable start to the season, having won all their league games so far, scoring twenty while only conceding two along the way.

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