Man Utd Star Marcus Rashford Reveals Self-Serving Hangers-On as Curse of Footballing Fame

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Manchester United and England wonderkid Marcus Rashford has spoken openly of his struggles with self-serving hangers-on, following his rapid ascent to fame and fortune as a footballer. 

Speaking to the Guardian, ahead of England's crucial World Cup Qualification matches against Slovenia and Lithuania, the 19-year-old discussed the biggest changes in is life since becoming an international footballer at such a tender age.

He claimed that he has felt unable to trust potential friends, believing that they would always be looking to gain from his fame.

"[The biggest change is] Probably the way you have to look after yourself, and look out for yourself as well, because everyone is always trying to get something off the back of you," he said.

"You have to take care of yourself. You just have to be smart and try not to put yourself in them situations as much as you can. 

"But there are always people who are trying to build themselves up off the back of you. It can be your own friends, or even people’s family members. It’s difficult, but what are you to know?"


The rising star also revealed that he has a close circle who keep him grounded and away from those trying to exploit him.

"I have people around me that guide me and kind of keep me away from certain things," he added.

"Sometimes as a young player, that’s what’s needed. I have friends. I just do normal stuff, to be honest. I play PlayStation and I take the dogs for a walk.”

Rashford has been thrust in the media spotlight since bursting onto the scene with his club in the 2015/16 season, dazzling fans with his fearless performances and earning himself a place in Roy Hodgson's Euro 2016 squad in the process. 

The young forward, who has scored five times this season already, is now a regular starter at United, with Mourinho utilising the prodigious talent as a dynamic wide man.