By 90Min
October 03, 2017

It is barely worth saying it, but do not watch this video (complete with delightful slow-motion angles) if you are squeamish.

Bosnian footballer Marin Galic could hardly have known that his life, let alone his career, would never be the same again after he was kicked between the legs during a Bosnia and Herzegovina Cup tie between FC Sloga and FC Zrinjski Mostar.


Galic runs with the ball, finding himself under pressure from a chasing opponent. The other player slips as he moves into the tackle and unfortunately his leg connects with the testicles of the poor 22-year-old.

Luckily, an operation on Galic to remove the affected testicle was successful. It remains to be seen what life will be like for the Bosnian going forward, but we hope that he can at least get back on the pitch and enjoy his career.

It is also a reminder that horror injuries can occur in football just as much as in sports that are more famous for it, such as rugby and American football.  

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