By 90Min
October 04, 2017

According to The Sun, Paul Canoville is in the hospital recovering from an operation that could have potentially claimed his life.

Life hasn’t been easy for the 55-year-old with a prior history of battling and beating cancer and drug abuse. Canoville, who as Chelsea’s first ever black player made his debut in 1981, released a statement on Twitter revealing the status of his current health situation. However, it is currently unknown why and what Canoville is being treated for.

The statement posted online read: "I visited Paul in the hospital today and showed him all your messages on my phone which cheered him up big time.

"Paul would like to thank you all for your messages posted on his Facebook and Twitter. Paul went through a very serious operation which could have claimed his life, and there were complications which will mean a lengthy stay in hospital. Paul is there trying to get his health in order to cope with adjustments he will have to make in his life."

Sadly, this is just one of many obstacles the former Chelsea player has had to face. In 1995, he had to tragically witness the death of his baby son who passed away in his arms. Additionally, Canoville has been in rehab twice after being addicted to crack cocaine and has battled cancer on two separate occasions. 

Being Chelsea's first black player, Canoville encountered numerous accounts of racial abuse from his own fanbase but still went on to win the Football League Second Division title in 1984.

By March 2005, he was both cancer and drug free and went on to release an award-winning autobiography entitled ‘Black & Blue’ 

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