A match in Argentina featured one of the most horrific two-footed challenges you've surely ever seen.

By 90Min
October 04, 2017

Monday bore witness to one of the most horrific two-footed challenges you've seen in a long time. Thankfully, no legs were broken in the process - but it's still the type of clip to make your skin crawl as Rodrigo Contreras receives his marching orders for a shocking tackle on an opponent. 

Argentinian football holds a reputation for being slightly on the physical side. The South American country contains a huge amount of passion from fans, which, quite obviously, emulates onto the pitch.

It took Arsenal's Contreras a mere 33 minutes to receive his second yellow on Monday night (bear in mind that he's a striker). His side were 1-0 down to opponents Banfield at the time, and in a means to vent some frustration, Contreras quite literally flew into Renato Civelli - both feet landing quite comfortably on his shin.

By some crazy miracle, Civelli came away unscathed, other than an expected moment of writhing in pain before shaking off the challenge.

Seriously, there have been some dangerous challenges before, but that really is something else. Even in the knowledge of no damage being caused, that challenge is still difficult to watch - just look at how Civelli's leg bends.

However, in what may seem as a slight injustice - Arsenal left the game as the eventual victors, following on from a spirited comeback.

Entering the second half a goal behind, the visitors managed to fight tooth and nail to score twice before the final whistle - the game finishing 2-1 to the team with ten men.

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