Bosnia and Herzegovina is going to miss the World Cup, and their fans aren't happy about it. 

By Daniel Rapaport
October 10, 2017

Bosnia and Herzegovina headed into its last day of World Cup qualifying needing Gibraltar to beat Greece—which would have been one of the biggest upsets in soccer history—in order to get into a playoff for a World Cup berth. It didn't happen, and Bosnia and Herzegovina's fans knew it wasn't going to happen, so they'd already began to deal with the bitter disappointment of missing a World Cup. 

That put the Bosnia and Herzegovina fans in a foul mood, and they manifested their frustration by traveling to Estonia and throwing dozens of flares on the field during the game. 

The game was stopped as officials rushed to clear the field of the burning objects, but this kind of thing isn't unheard of in Europe, so it didn't cause too much of a delay. Bosnia and Herzegovina wound up winning the match 2-1 despite the flaming distraction.

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