By 90Min
October 14, 2017

Former Rangers hero Bob Malcolm has a new line of work since leaving football - serving ice cream to customers after grabbing a role as an ice cream van supplier.

According to the Sun, Malcolm now drives around in a Spiderman wagon looking to sell ice cream to customers. His new role is a stark contrast to his glory days where he entertained crowds of over 50,000 at Ibrox Stadium. However, the drastic lifestyle change doesn’t seem to be affecting Malcolm - in fact he seems to revel in it, claiming: “It’s a great laugh, meeting new people.”

Malcolm later revealed on Twitter that he is doing the job to help out a relative, but that hasn’t stopped kids from swarming the van looking for ice cream and snacks.

Naturally, Malcolm receives his fair dose of banter from Celtic fans - but it’s all in good spirits, with one customer quoted as saying: “He gets stick from Celtic fans but it’s good-natured. When Rangers have been beaten they head for the counter to wind him up.

”Malcolm signed for Rangers in 1997 and enjoyed a fine nine-year spell before taking his talents to Derby in 2006. He retired from playing in 2012 and went on to coach with former teammate Barry Ferguson at Blackpool.

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