By 90Min
October 17, 2017

Brazilian football saw an odd turn of events this weekend, as a referee channelled his inner pest control ahead of kick-off for the Brazilian women's football clash between Eranduba and Penarol-AM.

A few things are mandatory ahead of every football match: stud checks, net checks, handshakes, and of course, exterminating an entire wasp's nest with a fire extinguisher...

The Ismael Benigno Stadium in Manaus saw the referee called into action very early on, according to The Sun. Goalkeeper Mayara Santana rushed to the lead official before his whistle had been blown, having discovered a gnarly wasp's nest resting in the top corner of the goal.

Seizing the opportunity to become the day's hero, the referee swiftly requested a fire extinguisher before making his way to the goal.

The video, as is available on The Sun's website, shows the ref blasting the nest with all his might in an attempt to stamp his authority on the game. A scenario like this would be Mike Dean's dream.

Image by Jeff Masterson

However, Edmar Campos de la Encarnacion (the referee) did require the help of his assistant and a few local officials before ousting his adversary.

Eventually, after the match had finally kicked off following the pre-game entertainment, it was Eranduba who came away victorious in a simple 3-1 victory. The Amazonian side - representatives of a small town of 40,000 - are one of the best followed sides in Brazil (men's and women's football). 

The team reportedly brought 25,371 fans along to watch them face Santos in Women’s Campeonato Brasileiro semi-final against Santos in summer.

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