PHOTO: Argentinian Star Suffers Horrifying Face Injury During Match But Carries on Playing

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An Argentinian defender fell victim to quite the elbow during a match on the weekend, requiring 13 stitches to mend the deep gash in his face.

Luciano Fabian Monzon, a 30-year-old left-back who plays for Universidad de Chile, had his face badly cut up by an opposing player during a match against Deportes Antofagasta following a blow from a swinging elbow.

The wound was at least an inch wide and nearly quarter of an inch deep, but Monzon fought through the pain to see the rest of the match out - rather surprisingly, Bruno Romo, who administered the blow, went unpunished by the referee.

Perhaps it was all worth it, though, as Monzon's side won 2-0. And after the game, he revealed that it took 13 stitches to seal the gash and stop the bleeding, also posting photos to Instagram.

"We got the three points, I got 13 stitches and one more scar," he said.

Universidad, meanwhile, trail Chile's Primera League leaders Colo Colo by three points, and sit at sixth place on the league table, while Antofagasta sit in fifth place with one point more.