By 90Min
October 18, 2017

Paris Saint-Germain striker Edinson Cavani has opened up on the bust-up that took place between himself and teammate Neymar back in September, claiming that their problems have been solved.

Mid-September saw Cavani and the world's most expensive player argue over who was to take a penalty against Lyon - a squabble which received a huge amount of exposure. While both players seem to have moved on from the fight, the 30-year-old has hinted that he and Neymar are not friends, but work together for the success of the team:

"The penalty business, it is in the past," Cavani told SFR Sport.

"These things happen in football. The important thing now is to find a solution together and to operate as a team. Ultimately, this is what enables you to achieve great things.

"We need to be a competitive team, we do not need to all be friends or like a family. The most important thing is that everybody is professional on the pitch and gives 100 percent. Outside of that, everybody has their own life, their own way of being and their own way of thinking."


Despite 'penalty-gate' being claimed to have been dealt with, the Uruguayan has hinted that although Neymar and himself have pushed their problems to one side, Unai Emery is still to sort the underlying problem between the two: 

"What is important is to win and to do that, the solution has to be the best for the team," Cavani went on to say

"The coach must decide what is best for the team. I think that it is the coach who will find the solution. When he makes his choice, it will be like that. Has he taken his decision? I do not know."

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