Sean Dyche Reassures Burnley Fans of His Desire to Be at the Club

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Burnley’s early season form has left many surprised. They currently sit 7th in the table, picking up 13 points from their opening eight games. This has led to speculation that Dyche could leave the club for pastures new but he has reassured fans he isn’t going anywhere.

In the five years that he has been at Burnley, the 46-year-old has led the club to the summit. Twice they have been promoted and have now established themselves as a Premier League mainstay with a strong defensive unit. 

He was a strong candidate for the Crystal Palace job and the same is occurring now that the Leicester job has become available. Dyche moved quickly to quell these rumours by stating in The Guardian, “It’s nice to be recognised for doing well but it doesn’t mean there is any truth in it.”


Dyche did admit however that managers staying in roles for extended periods of time have become aberrations and that one never knows what the future holds. He states “I’m not running away from Burnley, I’ve never said I want to move on, but I can’t say for definite I wouldn’t in the future because that happens in life. People change jobs.”

Burnley’s away form this season has nothing short of sensational. They opened the season with a victory at Stamford Bridge and have since gone on to take a point away at Tottenham and Liverpool, and secured a victory at Goodison Park also. Their away form this season is a far cry from what they produced last season but their next away trip is in the form of a whole different animal.


Manchester City have quite frankly steamrolled the opposition this season. After only eight games, they have scored 29 goals and only conceded four. After Stoke were trounced by Manchester City, manager Mark Hughes himself marvelled at the talent that they possessed and feared some of the goals conceded were simply undefendable. 

Dyche certainly wasn’t going to wax eloquently about the talent that his side will have to face, but he did admit in that this will be their hardest task claiming, “You are up against a collection of some of the best players in Europe. Quite obviously it is a big task but I don’t think we should change too much, we have to believe in what we do.”

Dyche did admit that he didn’t expect to be at Burnley this long. He claimed, “Five years ago I thought we could definitely take the club forward but I didn’t know how far or how quickly.” 

Burnley fans can count themselves lucky that the relationship has worked out and will hope for many more years of similar success.