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October 22, 2017

Napoli boss Maurizio Sarri has declared himself satisfied with his team's performance against Inter Milan on Saturday night. 

The Serie A leaders saw their title race stopped by Luciano Spalletti's Inter Milan, who managed to swipe home a positive 0-0 draw at San Paolo. 

He said: "I am very satisfied with our overall performances. Our territorial supremacy is further demonstration of how well we played.

"This was one of our best-played matches so far. We did well in avoiding to concede too much to a team that can be very dangerous."

His men might have been more tired than usual after playing last week in the Champions League third round: 

"We played two very good Champions League games in the past weeks and I believe that things can change if my boys start believing that they can do well in Europe as much as in Serie A.

"The Champions League obviously play an important role for us, although it is sucking our energies," he continued. 

Napoli attempted several times to penetrate Inter's rearguard thanks to their lethal attacking trio made by Mertens, Insigne and Callejon. However, their hopes to please the home public with a goal were shut down by the heroics of legendary Inter goalkeeper Samir Handanovic. 

Francesco Pecoraro/GettyImages

Sarri said about him: "I must congratulate him, he is an absolute top-class player. We knew already that he is phenomenal, and he proved it today.

"Inter are one of this year's big favourites, and we did well in stopping them."

He also commented on Mertens' goalless performance: "I can't expect him to score twice every time, but he has played quite well. 

"It would be hard to find someone to substitute him that is as good as him."

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