By 90Min
October 24, 2017

With a whole host of Barcelona records to his name, superstar Lionel Messi will go down as arguably the club's greatest ever player when he eventually retires.

His seemingly insurmountable record haul of 522 goals and 234 assists in 597 appearances will likely never be broken, but for once it's the latter of those records which has become the focal point in recent times.

La Liga's official Twitter account revealed that no other Spanish top flight star has more assists than Messi since 2010, with Real Madrid megastar and longtime rival Cristiano Ronaldo languishing 30 assists behind him in second place.

What does that mean? Well, for all of the claims that Messi is a selfish player, maybe he is more a team player than some seem to think.

To counter that point, it could also reveal that La Blaugrana are extremely reliant on Messi's magic to drag them through games and without them they're not nearly as strong going forward.

A conundrum to ponder, definitely. Whatever the reason, the mercurial Argentine will be gracing the world's biggest stage for some time yet.

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