VIDEO: Fan's Reaction to a Flamengo Player Getting Subbed on Is Priceless

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A lot of football teams have this one player their fans just don't want to see get subbed on, and they hardly shy away from making their feelings known.

One such player drove a Flamengo supporter mad this week after the manager, Reinaldo Rueda, decided to throw him on.


The fan, sitting right behind the team's bench, was apparently against the substitution, and went into a bit of a frenzy while the player waited at the touchline to be beckoned in.

Check the reaction out in the video below:

Can a player really be this bad, though? Or was the sub just tactically inferior from the coach?

We'll probably never get to know, but let's hope the player never, ever gets wind of this as it would crush him.

Flamengo, meanwhile, haven't had the best of seasons, and sit in the seventh spot on the Brazil Serie A table. So the player in question couldn't have really made them any worse.