Liverpool Defender Looking Forward to the Future After Bouncing Back From Spurs Disaster

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Liverpool's Joel Matip has spoken of the team's enthusiasm to what they can become after recovering from their disastrous defeat to Spurs, according to the Liverpool FC official website.

The Reds came under intense scrutiny for their display at Wembley last week, where a nightmare in defence allowed Spurs to thrash Liverpool 4-1, but the Reds were much improved at the back on Saturday as they beat Huddersfield 3-0.

26-year-old Matip admitted the Wembley performance was poor, telling the club's website:  “Against Tottenham, me and the rest of the team made mistakes and we got criticised. This is what it means to belong to a big club, to be a professional footballer. A lot of people are looking, they are waiting, and if we don’t perform we expect them to do this. Of course it is tough but it is football."

However, the Cameroonian spoke highly of the current team's future, saying: “We are young, really young, we’re staying together, and we will improve. The players in this team, we are looking forward to what we can become, how we can develop, and we enjoy being part of this team." 

The victory against Huddersfield moved the Reds up to sixth, and sets them up nicely for Wednesday's Champions League clash with Maribor at Anfield.