REPORT: Clippers Approached Rockets With Big DeAndre Jordan Trade Last Year

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Before Chris Paul joined the Rockets this summer, another Clipper was almost on his way to Houston. 

Last season around the trade deadline, The Clippers approached the Rockets about a DeAndre Jordan trade, and man this would have really shaken up the Western Conference even more than the CP3 trade did.

According to Zach Lowe of ESPN, the Clippers talked to the Rockets and offered Jordan for Clint Capela, picks, and other players.

In the report, Lowe says that the Clippers explored this trade because they would have gotten "players who would fit with Paul."

It's obviously unknown if this trade would have helped kept Paul with the Clippers, but it's clear that was the team's goal with this potential trade.

This also could have led to a bit of a rebuild by the Clippers. If they traded Jordan, and Paul still wanted out, it's unlikely that Blake Griffin would have re-signed there this offseason.

This is certainly a deal that not many people would have seen coming and would have been a shock at the deadline last season.