Clipper Fans Hilariously Troll Steve Kerr About Swaggy P

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Clipper fans apparently didn't pay their hard-earned money to watch the local team. 

As the upstart LA team takes on Golden Stat at Staples Center late Monday night, one thing is clear--the fans want more Swaggy P.

NBA playera and coaches are frequently subject to trolling behind the bench by fans. Clipper faithful have taken it to a hilarious level.

Do we blame them? No, not really.

Nick Young played for the lowly Lakers last season, and in many ways he was the only reason to watch the team in 2016-17. Now, in yet another homecoming, Clippers' fans want to watch the aforementioned Swaggy P put on a show.

Realistically, unless the Warriors have an excellent third quarter to increase their lead, Young is unlikely to see much playing time. Is there ever a better reason to root for tanking?