Jordan Clarkson Hilariously Lost Huge Bet to LaMelo Ball at Dave & Busters

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Another day, another Ball brother making headlines.

Today it's LaMelo Ball, who just made himself 200 dollars richer--at the expense of one of his brother's Laker teammates.

Apparently, Lonzo Ball had his 20th birthday party at Dave & Busters, which was attended by family and teammates alike.

During the party, LaMelo went head-to-head with Clarkson at the basketball arcade game pop-a-shot. And while it's still up in the air who would win in a game of one on one, LaMelo is evidently miles ahead of Clarkson at pop-a-shot.

With a friendly wager of 200 dollars on the game, LaMelo made bank--not that he needs it, as he's already got a shoe deal without graduating high school.

Have a day, LaMelo. The world will soon be yours.