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November 03, 2017

Confidence is everything in football. It helps you perform at your optimum level on a consistent basis, win matches and, hopefully, pick up silverware along the way.

For Everton's current crop of first-team stars, any last sinew of confidence drained away from them the moment that Lyon bagged their first - and slightly fortuitous at that - goal in the 3-0 victory in the Europa League on Thursday night.

That defeat made it five losses in a row in all competitions for the first time in 12 years and ended hopes of a European adventure, no matter how slim it had looked after the first three group games, akin to that enjoyed during the 2007/08 season.

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Coupled with a Carabao Cup exit on 25th October and just two wins in 10 league matches - form that leave the Toffees rooted in the bottom three - and Evertonian optimism back in August has completely evaporated.

The thing is, at some point this bunch of well-paid, talented, fortunate football players need to stop licking their wounds, being downbeat and adopting a 'woe is us' attitude.

It's time for them to stop feeling sorry for themselves.

With each passing week the Blues get dragged further into the mire at the foot of the Premier League table and, if Newcastle's 2009/10 squad showed fans anything, it's that no group of players is too good to get relegated.

The longer Everton continue to act like it's all doom and gloon, the long this horrific run of form will continue and the harder it will be to escape the relegation quagmire.

Because make no mistake, the Goodison Park-based outfit are in a relegation battle already. Unable to score at one end and shipping goals at an alarming rate at the other is a recipe for disaster.

With that comes the inevitable 'thanks but no thanks' from potential managerial candidates who will be tasked with taking over from the sacked Ronald Koeman, who won't touch this festering pile of rubbish with a 20-foot long pole.

Why would Sean Dyche depart high-flying Burnley to oversee this mess? Why would Sam Alllardyce do anything but laugh in Everton's faces to perform yet another firefighting job? Why would Thomas Tuchel take up his first job outside of Germany to potentially have a 'relegated with Everton' sentence stamped on his CV?

Many Evertonians - this one included - shied away from blaming the players for Koeman's departure but, as the past 10 days and three defeats have shown, maybe most of the blame should be laid at their feet.

True, there isn't a lack of fight, spirit and tiny moments of quality when goals haven't been conceded but that disintegrates the moment that Everton inevitably let in the first goal of any match.

Confidence is fragile among Everton's squad; it has to be given how abject results have been. This 'feeling sorry' state has stretched on for too long now though, and sooner rather than later - and it has to be as soon as possible - the Blues' stars need to stop talking the talk and start walking the walk.

Sort it out, Everton, or we'll all be watching an expensively assembled squad become a laughing stock as they fall out of England's top flight for the first time in 66 years.

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