By 90Min
November 04, 2017

Jurgen Klopp has thanked Liverpool fans for a touching display of solidarity, after they rallied behind Dejan Lovren following a nightmare few weeks for the Croatia international. 

The 28-year-old was substituted after just half an hour against Spurs after barely looking like a professional footballer, before he received a death threat against his family - and burglars targeted his home on Wednesday night. 

Reds fans responded to Klopp's calls to back the troubled defender earlier this week, voting him the club's player of the month, and the German said on Friday: “In the more difficult moments, you have to really show togetherness. I think that was one of the best signs that our fans said ‘no, that’s not the truth’.

“Yes, we make mistakes. Dejan made a mistake or two in a game, but that’s not a problem. We still can show togetherness. It shows how fans are different from the people who are very loud on social media. That’s how I see it.”

He went on to talk about his doubts regarding social media, adding: “I cannot say don’t do it because even for clubs, there are a lot of things we have to do on social media. It’s part of the role. It’s not bad, it’s just overestimated. You think it’s the truth. That’s our problem in this world, you read something and think ‘Oh my God! That’s it’.

“I have no problem with information. I have no problem with little things, exchanging, whatever, that’s not a problem. But we all have to learn to judge it right. The things we think about the game, that’s our opinion. That’s what I say - no other opinion is important.”

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