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November 05, 2017

Former Liverpool man and now turned football expert Graeme Souness believes that Tottenham along with Manchester City are England's best chances in this seasons Champions League. 

Writing in The Times, Souness believes that Spurs have the quality to win the competition, but only if their main man Harry Kane remains fit..

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“City and Tottenham are the most likely contenders from England, although Tottenham’s chances depend on Harry Kane avoiding injury because they are over-reliant on him,” he wrote.

“Take his goals — 107 over the past three and a bit seasons — out of Tottenham’s total and where do they finish?


Souness believes that this current Spurs team is an excellent example of what the game should be, with the use of homegrown players and young players who they have developed.

“They have a good mixture of homegrown products and young players they have bought who have become very good players under their manager.

“Can you imagine if they had spent the £86m they received for Gareth Bale wisely? The only good one they got from that was Christian Eriksen.”

Pochettino has reshaped the team, with the addition of a few key men and the development of players that were already in the club. 

Tottenham are flying at the moment, with a win against Crystal Palace and going well in the Champions League, could this finally be the year that Spurs win something and put down a marker to show that this team will be successful for years to come. 

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