By 90Min
November 07, 2017

We've had FIFA 18 and PES 2018, and now it's Football Manager 2018's time in the spotlight.

The social life killer and marriage destroyer's latest edition is set to hit shelves and online stores on 10th November, and fans of the managerial simulation game are already booking time off work in advance of losing their life to FM once more.

If you needed any indication of just how culturally significant Football Manager is these days, then the team behind the iconic game has offered a handy insight into the minds of players with an amusing tongue-in-cheek advert:

We see what you did there, Sports Interactive. Using a marriage as a way of 'making a new signing' for your team, using an employee walking out of a manager's office as a way of showing how players 'storm out' of meetings in FM... it's all very clever.

We suspect that any real life events akin to those in the banterous video would see little in the way of smiles and laughter, but hey, at least you'll always have Football Manager to console yourself at night if your marriage or job goes down the pan!

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