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November 11, 2017

Newcastle United icon Malcolm Macdonald - nicknamed Supermac - has said that he regrets the club's decision to sign Aleksandar Mitrović in 2015 and had Rafa Benitez been given the same amount of money to buy a striker, the Magpies would have "a much better, more complete forward."

Supermac also believes that 24-year-old Ayoze Pérez has suffered as a result of Mitrović's arrival at St James' Park, claiming that the Spaniard could be "exceptional" alongside a world-class striker.

"When I look at Benitez’s options, I really worry. Joselu does not look like a Premier League striker to me and the whole debate surrounding Aleksandar Mitrović really mystifies me," Supermac said in his piece for Chronicle Live.

"I know there’s a support for him in the crowd but they really are responding to his antics, not his talent on the field. 

"I think he plays the crowd better than he plays football with all the raised fists and trying to gee up the crowd.

"He should be dominant in the air but he does not channel his strength or aggression properly to bully opposing defenders or win headers.

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"I feel for Ayoze Pérez, who is working his socks off and - I think - knows he is in a battle for his career at Newcastle," he continued. 

"He does not have a physical presence and I’m not sure he will ever be the greatest goal threat in the league but his work rate is phenomenal and he has some deft touches.

"If he was playing in a better team I think he would be much more highly-regarded than he is. Alongside someone like Alan Shearer, he would have looked exceptional.

"I regret the day Newcastle bought Aleksandar Mitrović. If you had £13m and gave it to Rafa Benitez, he would buy a much better, more complete forward."

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